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Term 6 Week 7

It is the Busy Bee’s last day and it is hard to believe a year has passed already.  We have done so much learning and had such enormous fun together.   We will be sad to see them leave but know they are all ready to begin the next stage of their learning journey.

The Busy Bee team would like to take this opportunity to say a really big thank you to all the parents, grandparents, family and friends who have supported the children over the year.   Thank you also for the lovely messages, cards and gifts.  We have all felt incredibly supported by you all and the children are truly blessed to have so many people who care about their education.  I know you are all proud of your children and so are we ~ they are an amazing cohort of incredible learners.

Good luck in Year One  –  we are going to miss you!

Term 6 Week  6

The Busy Bees have been extremely enterprising this week and have been planning and preparing for their sale which will be held on Monday 18th July in the hall at West Wick immediately after  Family Worship at 2.30pm.  You are all welcome to attend worship which starts at 2.15 or just come along for the sale and stay for tea and cake with Take 5.  The children will be selling the playdough that they have made and I have to say it is rather spectacular!  There is Frozen and princess fairy dough as well as Spiderman and The Hulk dough.  It will be sold at £2 a bag and all the profit will be used for the children to buy themselves something to take with them to their new class in September.  Please, please, please come along and support them as they have worked really hard and are extremely optimistic about how much they are going to earn!


Today the children have been exploring musical instruments, investigating how the different sounds are made and how musicians perform in an orchestra.  We may have discovered some future clarinet and trumpet players!  After watching ‘Stomp’ perform the children were very keen to make and perform using their own junk instruments.  Thank you for the all the recycled materials collected and sent into school.  The children worked amazingly well with the Year One Crew, from sharing ideas and resources to supporting each other and clearing away – Well done Busy Bees and Year One!

DSC08529 DSC08530 DSC08531


Teem 6, Week 5

This week the Busy Bee’s have been set a challenge!  They have been asked to design and make a product to sell at Take Five on Monday 18th July from 2.30 until Take Five.  This enterprise challenge will form the basis of their learning for the next couple of weeks.  This is a fantastic opportunity for them to learn lots of real life skills and best of all they get to keep any profit to buy something for them to take with them to their new class in September.  This will also support their transition into Year One so we hope you will be able to come along and support us and stay afterwards for a cup of tea at Take Five!

DSC08471  DSC08465 DSC08469

On Thursday this week, the children had great fun in the sunshine playing lots of different sports games.  They were able to show off their sporting skills and showed what an amazing class they are for team work and cooperation.

Also this week the Year 5 & 6 children from Hewish came over to West Wick to host a Science Fair.  The Busy Bees were invited along and had a fantastic time learning how to make playdough and slime and they even witnessed a volcano erupting!  It was very inspirational for the children who absolutely love science.

If you have any recycled junk material, could you please send it into school next week.  Thank you, have a lovely weekend.

Term 6, Week 4

The children have had an interesting week in school as after asking some wonderful questions about fish, they have had the opportunity to explore real fish! Here are some of the questions they asked:

Where is a real octopus’ mouth?

Can fish give their scales away?

What shape is a fish eye?

The children had a selection of fish to explore including dab, rainbow trout, mackerel, tiger prawns and octopus. They were so curious and asked brilliant questions and unlike Mrs Martin were not at all squeamish!

DSC08429 DSC08434 DSC08440
Also this week we have been learning traditional stories and songs from other cultures. The children made traditional African masks and made ‘love beads’ which were really beautiful.

Next week the children will be taking part in a multi skills session and will have the opportunity to take part in a science fair! We hope to see you all at the fair on Saturday ~ have a lovely weekend

Term 6, Week 3

What an amazing week for the Busy Bees!  On Monday we had our big class challenge when in groups we had to make a boat that floats using all the skills and knowledge accumulated over the past few weeks.  The children were amazing and completely independently produced boats that we tested in our water tray.  They were then scored against a set of criteria generated by the children.

DSC08235 DSC08237

On Tuesday we set of to meet our friend Captain William Whitebeard to sail on his new ship The Matthew!  We set off first thing and met our sister class from Hewish at the dockside.  After some refreshments our class went to look around the M-Shed while Hewish sailed.  Then it was our turn.  Captain Whitebeard welcomed us on board and after meeting his crew we set sail.  During the voyage the children were able to go up onto the poop deck and see how the captain steered the ship and to see the cannons.

DSC08373 DSC08395 DSC08406

Then they went below deck to see where the pirates would sleep and eat their hard tack.  They had to go down a very steep ladder but everyone was really brave and managed it superbly. They also saw some pirate memorabilia and learnt about some of the previous adventures on board The Matthew.

On deck the children explored the ship further noticing things like the anchor, ‘it really is heavy and made of metal.  I wonder how they get it into the sea.’ They also noticed the crow’s nest and commented on how high it was; they found out that the Queen’s husband had given them a tree which they had used as a mast; they remembered that wood floats and made the link that The Matthew also made up of lots of wood.  Indeed there were so many links and so many good questions and learning that went on that the crew all commented on their incredible knowledge of ships ~ well done Busy Bees.

Finally a really big thank you to all the parents and helpers who came on the trip.  It takes a lot of adults to make the trip possible and we really appreciate you giving up your time.


Term 6, Week 2

After a huge amount of planning and preparation the Busy Bees have finally designed their boats for Captain Whitebeard.  We have been totally amazed by how much they have learnt during the challenge and the quality of their designs was incredible.  Here are just a few of the children’s comments noted as they were designing:

‘We have to use strong materials to make the ship’.

‘It needs to be boat shaped so it has air in it’.

‘The sails have to be a strong material so the wind can get in them and push the ship’.

‘If we used a blanket it would get wet and heavy and the boat would sink’

‘If the sails aren’t waterproof they will drip and the wind won’t move them.  If I do a crow’s nest Captain Whitebeard will see the other boats coming’.

‘The rudder has to move the ship so it can steer around the other boats’.

‘I’m going to draw a really tall mast so it can have big sails.  If it has big sails it will go really fast’!

‘It needs to be the right shapes so it gets air in it so it floats’.

‘The bowsprit is going to have two pieces of wood to make it really strong’.

We are really looking forward to sailing on the Matthew on Tuesday and we have sent ‘helpers’ letters home with all you need to know for the trip.  Thank you all for your kind offers of help.  Without your support we would not be able to give the children this experience of a lifetime.

Term 6, Week 1

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a lovely break.  Thank you all so much for supporting the children with their half term diaries ~ they look amazing!  I will enjoy looking at them in more detail over the weekend.

This week the Busy Bees @ West Wick, along with the Year One crew, have been getting ready to entertain some very special visitors to help celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.  They have learnt a medley of hymns, written prayers about the Queen and made cakes for 90 year olds who live in our community. They came along to school today, with the support of Take 5 and had tea and cake and listened to the singing. The children were amazing and everyone had a fantastic time. Indeed, the children were so proud of themselves that they wanted to know if their own families could come and watch them so if you are able to come along on Monday 13th June at 2 o’clock we would be delighted to sing for you!

Please see our Facebook page for photographs

Our Captain Whitebeard challenge has continued this week by learning about why things float while others sink ~ very important knowledge when making a boat!  The children’s curiosity and deep thinking has been incredible and they think they are now ready to design and then make their boats.  Could you please collect and send in any recycled materials next week which might support their boat making.

DSCN8084 DSCN8089 DSCN8075

Finally, thank you to those who have already signed up to help on our visit to The Matthew on Tuesday 21st June, if anyone else is able to help we would be very grateful, thank you.

Term 5, Week 6

It has been a short week but the Busy Bees have managed to squeeze lots of learning into it! They have been recording their learning from the visit to Uphill Boat Yard and we have been very impressed by how much they now know about boats.  In maths they have been weighing and comparing the weight of different objects and they even made fairy dough and found out what happens if you don’t weigh carefully!  Also this week the children have added to their repertoire of pirate dances, played rugby and taken part in a very successful sports day!

DSC08164 DSC08167  DSC08177  DSC08178

I think they are ready for half term!  We have sent home a home learning challenge with them for the holidays.  Enjoy the half term.

Term 5, Week 5

This week we have continued our challenge to design and make a boat for Captain Whitebeard and the children have been finding out about  waterproof and weatherproof materials in preparation for designing their boats.  They started with a collection of materials which they used to build a shelter in the field and courtesy of the great British weather it has been well and truly tested!

In addition to finding out about the materials they might use in their boat designs the children have also been finding out a little more about real boats with a visit to Uphill Boat Yard.  There the children were able to look at the materials used in boat making but also they were able to see what is underneath the hull of the boat and its purpose in sailing.  It was so lovely to see such motivated and purposeful learning ~ well done Busy Bees. Thank you very much to the parent helpers who joined us, it was lovely to have you join us.

In Maths this week the children have been practicing taking away by counting back and they have been exploring 3D shapes.

Finally preparations are well underway for our Queen’s birthday party which we will be hosting on the 10th June for elderly people in our local community who will also be 90 this year.  This is a lovely community project and a great opportunity for our children.


Term 5, Week 4

This week has seen the start of Captain Whitebeards challenge with the Busy Bees thinking about the best way to join things together ~ important for making a boat!


They made jointed teddy bears for pirates and after careful consideration, had to choose from glue, tape, staples, zips or split pins to join the bear’s limbs while keeping them moveable.


They also explored real woodworking tools and had a go at designing and making something using balsa wood, nails and wood cement.  Their ideas were amazing and I’m sure you will agree they did a fantastic job ~ we loved that they all had their own ideas and each model was unique.

DSC07958  DSC07955  DSC07956 DSC07957

Other exciting things the children have done this week includes making ‘keeping healthy posters’ (after all they don’t want scurvy like a pirate); learning how to double a number and playing lots of doubling games and they had a great rugby session with their new coach.

Next week we will be looking at the best materials to build a boat as we continue our Captain Whitebeard challenge!



Term 5, Week 3

Ahoy shipmates! This week the Busy Bee crew have been enjoying the sunshine and have been dressing up and making pirate dens in the garden.  They have been so creative and there has been amazing story telling in their play.

As you will know the children have also enjoyed making Hard Tack biscuits.  They read and followed the recipe and learnt lots about measuring correctly.  We hope you enjoyed their ‘trick’ of giving you a hard tack biscuit filled with bugs!

DSCN7814  DSC07851

Also this week the children have made their own pirate passports; painted ships in bottles; practiced subtraction by ‘stealing’ treasure and learnt some fantastic new pirate songs and dances.

DSCN7869 DSCN7855

The highlight of the week though was a letter from Captain Whitebeard who has asked the children to design and make a new pirate ship for him! The children were buzzing with ideas and we will begin this project next week by learning how to join different materials.  We have an exciting week ahead with lots of woodwork, sewing and creativity!

DSC07863 DSC07876 DSC07889 DSC07871


Term 5, Week 2

There has been lots of pirate play in the Busy Bee’s this week with excitement still high from last week’s treasure hunt.  The children have all written recounts of their adventures in Literacy and in Maths they have been doing lots of subtraction.  This has mainly involved stories about pirates being taken away and put into caves and tales of stolen (taken away) treasure.  They also went on a treasure hunt where they had to solve clues using subtraction sentences.

DSCN7793    DSC07693

This week the children have also designed and made the most amazing pirate traps; they have created pictures from charcoal and had great fun playing in the role-play pirate den.

DSCN7755 DSCN7759

Please would you start collecting cardboard tubes, cereal boxes and egg boxes for us as the children have lots of ideas about things they would like to make over the coming weeks.  Thank you.

Term 5, Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely, long break.

The start of Term 5 has marked the beginning of our exciting new learning theme PIRATES!  On return to school we discovered pirate activity in the form of a near break in (a shattered door next to the pirate den role- play area caused by a strimming incident)!  The children were convinced it was pirates trying to steal their treasure and on Thursday they discovered the treasure had actually gone! We then embarked on a treasure hunt which led to Sand Bay where they were able to dig up and retrieve the treasure.  The day continued with den building, trap making, sandcastle building and finally by a visit from Captain Whitebeard who had come back to retrieve the stolen treasure!

The children had a magical time with him as he explained how he had lost his own ship and had taken their treasure to buy a new one.  George very kindly gave him some of our treasure so he could go to Brizle (Bristol) to have a new ship made.  This story has now set us up for this final term’s learning when we will learn all about floating and sinking, materials, joining, ship making and design.

DSC07539 DSC07538 DSCN7574

Digging for our treasure at the beach

DSC07579  DSC07550 DSC07561


Building a pirate den, using charcoal to write messages and making pirate traps!

DSCN7679 DSC07593

Meeting ‘Captain Whitebeard’

A really big thank you to all the helpers who came along to the beach.  We really couldn’t give the children these rich learning experiences without you.


In other learning this week we have been finding out about maps.  The children have of course made treasure maps but they have also made maps of our garden (for when we play treasure hunting), maps of our heart, maps of our day (which has been part of our maths and telling the time) and today they have been retelling yesterday’s adventures on the beach in a map!


Term 4 Week 5/6

 What a lovely Easter we have had in the Busy Bee’s class.  Firstly we had the amazing experience of watching our butterflies emerge from their chrysalis.  As their wings dried we were able to hold them before they flew off into the spring sunshine.  Then on Thursday we came to school to find six newly hatched chicks and by the end of the day we had 15 with six more pipping! It was so magical seeing the children’s faces as they watched the miracle of new birth and the chicks are just delightful.  The children have had great fun naming the chicks and a sample of the names chosen so far are: Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Elsa, Anna and Bruce!

   DSC07273 DSC07296  Copy of DSC07270

DSCN7414   DSCN7432    

DSCN7433 DSCN7420

Also this week we have looked at symmetry and capacity in Maths and in our phonics we have been reading and writing sentences using the trigraphs ‘air’, ‘ure’ and ‘ear’.  Sight words the children are reading and writing include ‘you’, ‘they’, ‘are’, ‘all’ and ‘my’ and we have been consolidating our knowledge of capital letters and the formation of lower case letters.

We hope you have a very happy holiday and we look forward to seeing you in two weeks’ time to begin our pirate fun!

DSC07470  DSC07467

Term 4 Week 4

There is great excitement in the Busy Bee’s Class this week as our caterpillars have spun their cocoons and we were able to witness them change.  We are all now very excited to see what they look like when they emerge as butterflies.

DSC07163 DSC07165 DSC07167

This week we have begun to explore the Easter story and on Wednesday we had Worship outside in the sunshine.  We drew pictures of special places and just enjoyed seeing the first signs of spring.

DSC07089 DSC07103 DSC07101DSC07050

We have also been getting fit while raising money for Sports Relief.  This morning  we had a rugby coach in teaching us tag rugby.  He was very impressed with our skills!  During the afternoon we took part in lots of games and activities with the Year 1 Crew and the Little Learners.  Look out for photographs in the Mercury.

DSC07189  DSC07206 DSC07192


DSC07075    DSC07080 DSC07076

In maths this week we have been looking at patterns and it has been lovely to see the children challenging themselves by finding number patterns and solving problems in their play.

‘I’ve found a pattern and it goes like this 10, 20 , 30, …200!’

‘I know which number is missing ~ 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.  It’s counting in twos’.

Fantastic learning Busy Bees


Term 4 Week 3

Wow, Wow, Wow! How amazing were your children at the banquet on Wednesday?  I was super proud of each and every one of the children as they put on an amazing performance for Queen Elsa.  I want to say a really big THANK YOU to all the staff and helpers who supported the children to put on the banquet and to all our lovely parents who steadied your children’s nerves and supported with costumes.  I know Mrs Dadds has put photographs from the day on our school Facebook page ~ please feel free to add your own comments.

This week while preparing the banquet we had the opportunity to get to know our sister class from Hewish.  It was so lovely to see the children playing and learning together and supporting each other ~ I saw in action the amazing sense of fellowship, compassion and love that I think emanates through our school.

DSCN7300  Making bread for the banquet with our Hewish friends.

As we move towards Easter we are beginning to think about new birth and spring and on Monday we had 30 newly hatched caterpillars arrive in class.  We will be monitoring their growth and watching how they change over the coming weeks.  One of the questions the children have asked is ‘what will our butterflies look like?’  So for this week’s homework I would like the children to make, draw or paint what they think our butterflies will look like.

DSCN7274 The caterpillars have arrived.

This week we also put some eggs into the incubator ready to hatch at Easter time.  We look forward to learning more about this process next week.



Term 4 Week 2

This week we had World Maths Day and World Book Day all in the same week which meant lots of super activities for the Busy Bees @ WW!

On World Maths Day we looked at the number 10 and explored how we can make 10 using our 10 fingers; we played number games which involved ordering and counting numbers to 10 and we read stories and sang songs all about 10. We were all very proud of the children’s sponsored number challenge and loved the children’s confidence in challenging themselves to do the best they possibly could ~ well done Busy Bees.

DSCN7193 DSCN7165 DSCN7180

World Book Day saw us all dressed as our favourite book characters (look out for us in the Mercury).  The children had enormous fun sharing their books with each other and as a class we focused on the story of Noah’s Ark.  Activities for the day consisted of telling the story with a beautiful wooden ark; making their own ark from recycled materials; a rainbow challenge where the children had to make all the colours of the rainbow using just the three primary colours and they made some beautiful prayers thanking God for all the beautiful things in the world

DSCN7212  DSCN7223  DSCN7241

DSCN7260   DSCN7245   DSCN7269

We have been continuing to learn to read and write our sight words; I, no, go ,to, the, into, he,she, we, me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all and are.  Thank you for continuing to learn them at home.

Next week is the banquet and we are all very excited!  We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday at 1.15pm.  Please remember only two people per child as we do have limited space.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Term 4   Week 1

Welcome back Busy Bees!  We started the week with our visit to Puxton Park to meet Falconer Gary who told us all about the role of a falconer in the castle.  We met and held lots of beautiful birds of prey and were given lots of information about the birds and who would have flown them in the castle.  Gary was so impressed with their listening and their questions about the birds that he has asked us to make an information book all about them!

DSCN7076   DSCN7066 DSCN7098    DSCN7099   DSCN7080

Meeting birds at Puxton Park.

Back in school the Busy Bees all recalled lots of information and used their writing skills and drawing skills to start making the information book.  We hope to have it available for you to look at in time for the banquet!

Preparations for the banquet are well underway and we are very much looking forward to hosting it. However, because of restrictions with space we would ask that only two family members per child attend the banquet and if you can make alternative arrangements for younger children it would be appreciated.

Next week is World maths Day and World Book day and we are really looking forward to celebrating these in class.  No homework this week but if you could please practice the maths challenges with your child in preparation for their sponsored maths!

Term 3 Week 6

It is hard to believe but we are half way through the school year already!  It was wonderful to see so many of you at parents evening ~ we are very lucky to have such supportive parents.

This week has been enormous fun as we have been finding out how big a million is!  We have explored other really big numbers and have been estimating groups of objects.  It was lovely to hear such positive feedback from you about our maths challenge and I was amazed by how imaginative you have all been in making it personal for your child!

In Phonics we have learnt the sounds ‘ear’ as in hear, ‘er’ as in mixer, ‘air’ as in fair an ‘ure’ as in cure. We have been learning the sight words, they, you, all and my.  We have sent a couple of reading books home for you to read and enjoy during the holiday.

The children are really enjoying their gymnastics, and are demonstrating good coordination and balance skills.

As the weather has been somewhat better this week we have been able to plant out the piece of ‘garden’ at the front of our class.  The children have weeded, dug and selected where the plants will go.  We have chosen some beautiful fragrant plants and herbs that we can use in our play and which will be hardy in the clay which is under the compost!  Well done Busy Bees it looks beautiful.

On Tuesday 23rd February we will be going to Puxton Park with the children to find out about the role of birds of prey in a castle.  A big thank you for all the offers of help.  If you could come to the classroom first thing in the morning we will brief you and then if possible make your own way there.  Thank you again

If you are looking for things to do during the holiday on the 16th Feb the Backyard Cinema in Axbridge is showing ‘The Big Knights’, a film and activities.  There are showings at 11am and 1pm!

Have a lovely half term!

DSC06897    DSC06902

DSC06911    DSC06906

Beautiful pictures inspired by our garden.

DSC06944  DSC06948

Enjoying and learning about old and interesting things!

DSC06968 DSC06969

Term 3 Week 5

This week the Busy Bees have had a surprise visitor ~ a real life archer!  He came in to show them his medieval bows and arrows and to teach them about life as an archer in a castle.  The children had the opportunity to look closely at his range of arrows and to handle his bows.  They then all had the chance to practice archery for themselves.  It was amazing to see how although they struggle at first with loading the arrows they persevered and after practising they could all fire the arrows. They then made their own bow and arrows from willow and we are planning an archery competition which will involve lots of adding up scores!

The children also had the opportunity to handle real chainmail and armour as well as finding out about the living conditions in a castle.  This ended in a fascinating comparison with life in the castle to our homes today. We were all extremely impressed with the children’s listening, thinking and questioning throughout the visit ~ what great learning skills Busy Bees.

Phonics this week we have focussed on the sounds ‘ur’ as in purse, ‘ow’ as in cow’, ‘oi / oy’ as in soil and boy and ‘ear’ as in hear.  We have looked at the sight words are, you and my.  Maths has focussed on subtraction of number.  Please look out for a maths challenge in their book bags!

In RE this week, we have listened to the story of ‘The Good Shepherd.’  We have spent some time thinking and reflecting on the stories we have learnt so far.

DSC06705 DSC06708

DSC06756  DSC06762  DSCN6988

DSCN6801 DSCN6906

Term 3 Week 4

This week the Busy Bees have been exploring plants and flowers.  Using their Garden Centre role play area they have purchased and planted a range of beans (including runner beans, dwarf beans, broad beans, string beans, baked beans and jelly beans), flowers, herbs and bulbs.  They then planted them in lots of different ways so that they can compare how they grow.  They were real scientists and used the scientific skills of observing, explaining, comparing and recording to examine a range of beans including some gigantic magic beans.  They soaked them, split them and found the food, the tiny beanstalk and the roots before opening some broad beans and runner beans to find the beans ‘tucked safely in their little beds’.  I loved their excitement as they described opening them as exciting as unwrapping a present at Christmas!

In Literacy the children have been mapping their own versions of Jack in the Beanstalk and I am thrilled to see how their writing is progressing. In phonics they have learnt the digraphs ‘oa’ as in goat, ‘oo’ as in book, ‘oo’ as in zoo and ‘ar’ as in car.  In Maths they have continued to focus on addition and they have been adding princesses and knights.  They have been using balance scales with numicon, focusing on the symbol ‘=’.  If you would like to support your child with their maths learning, challenge them to add their toys, sweets or anything else they are interested in and record it in a number sentence.  They can explain it to us at school which will help them to reinforce their learning and build their confidence.

Next week we will be having a surprise visitor to support their learning theme ‘Who would you be if you lived in a castle?’  Look out for next week’s newsletter and website page for details!

Have a lovely weekend

DSC06560 DSC06642

Term 3 Week 3

This week we introduced our new Busy Bees Garden Centre outside! The children have really enjoyed role playing in the garden centre. They have also been learning all about how plants grow, a plant life-cycle and looking closely at different beans/beanstalks using the magnify glasses and dissecting them. They have worked hard this week and been thinking like scientists!

In Maths we have been learning about addition and the children have been finding the number of items in two groups by counting. We have used the cubes to help us with our counting and adding to make bigger towers!

During gymnastics in PE the children are developing their balancing skills across the balance beam and zigzag line along the floor. They really enjoyed the gymnastic assault course and used their arms to help them balance.

In RE we are thinking about the question ‘Why is Jesus important?’  This week we have looked at the parable ‘The Wiseman and Foolish Man.’

DSCN6671 DSCN6663 DSCN6660 DSCN6618 DSCN6624 DSCN6591 DSC06572 DSC06574 DSC06549 DSC06538 DSC06539

Term 3 Week 2

This week the Busy Bees have been learning to be knights! They have a rather grand jousting rail and after looking at a range of information texts they have been putting on their own tournaments.  We think the Busy Bees have some very fine actors and actresses!

Also this week we began to explore the traditional text, Jack in the Beanstalk and the children worked fantastically hard at retelling the story.  They used the castle to act it out adding their own beanstalk and they made some very scary giants which prompted the question, ‘when is a giant, not a giant?’ We also became scientists and tried to make our own precious egg.  I was amazed by the children’s problem solving skills and their perseverance in not giving up when the experiment didn’t work the first time ~ Why not ask your child to tell you about this.

In Maths the children have been finding out about numbers that are ‘more’ or ‘less’ than a given number and they have done this in lots of practical ways including making Numicon ten biscuits and taking away a number and eating it!

DSCN6342  DSCN6344  DSCN6330 DSCN6320  DSCN6386

DSCN6359   DSCN6475

Term 3, Week 1

Wow! What a great start to the Term.  On Tuesday we introduced our new learning theme ‘who would you be if you lived in a castle?’ The children came in dressed up and excited to tell us who they would like to be.  We learnt some new dances and then we were surprised by a visitor, Queen Elsa from Frozen!

Elsa told us she was feeling bad about what she had done to Anna and how she wanted to do something special for her.  She asked the children what she could do and they suggested putting on a party.  Elsa explained that in castles they have banquets which are like a party and so we will be putting on a banquet!   Of course you will be invited and the date for the banquet will be Wednesday 9th March in the afternoon (TTBA).

Following the introduction to our learning theme the children have been immersed in all things medieval.  They have being learning more about who lives in a castle and they have loved telling stories and playing in their amazing castle which has its own area for cooking, a forge and several resident dragons.  They even have their own jousting rail!

This week in phonics the children have been learning the sounds ‘x’ as in fox, ‘y’ as in yak and ‘z’ as in zip.  We have started to learn the sight words me, we, he and be.

Wednesday was our ‘look at learning’ day and it was lovely to see so many of you.  Your feedback was amazing.  It is so nice to hear you talk about your children’s progress and how happy, excited and motivated they are by what they do at school ~ thank you again for all your support.

DSCN6146  DSCN6162  DSCN6193

Term 2 Week 7

Well we have reached the end of the first full term and what an amazing term it has been.  Your children have been fantastic and we are such a happy class with all the children motivated and excited about learning.

Just to remind you that on Tuesday 5th January the children will be meeting a very special visitor and need to come to school dressed as who they would like to be if they lived in a castle.

All that remains is for us to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

Term 2 Week 6

This week the Busy Bees had a trip to Worle school.  The Year 10 students had organised a ‘multi-sports’ event and the children had an amazing afternoon playing lots of different games against each other and learning some new skills along the way.  I was so proud of their fantastic ‘can do’ approach to the afternoon with everyone joining in and putting in their best effort.  The teacher at Worle was blown away by their attitude and their behaviour and we were immensely proud of them all.

In class we have been enjoying all things Christmas.  We have made cards and decorations, sung Christmas songs, played in the Christmas shop and practiced the Nativity, Mary’s Knitting.  We are all extremely excited about the performance next week and hope you will all come so we can share it with you.  DSCN6074       DSCN5986


Term 2 Week 5

Christmas has arrived! The Busy Bee’s @ West Wick came into school to find their classroom and learning street had been transformed into a Christmas wonderland!  They have had enormous fun playing in the Christmas shop (with real money of course) and dressing up as Santa and the elves.  They have listened to stories in the grotto and the classroom has been full of lovely, glittery craft activities.  These will all come home at the end of term and I’m sure you will treasure them for years to come.

DSCN6012   DSCN5986  DSCN6025

The children are doing incredibly well with their phonics and it is lovely to hear them sounding out words and wanting to write letters. This week we have learnt the sounds ‘f’ as in fit, ‘l’ as in leg, ‘r’ as in red and ‘h’ as in hot.  Please look for things around your house that have these sounds in them and continue to read daily with your children. Many thanks for your continued support. 

We are hoping to host a ‘look at learning’ day on January 6th.  This will provide you with an opportunity to come in, at your convenience, to look at your child’s Learning Diary and to hear the children’s thoughts on their learning.  This will also be the time when we can catch up if you have any questions or things you would like to share.  This is a much more child centred approach to the traditional ‘parent’s evenings’ and feedback from previous years on this approach has been really positive.  More details to follow.

Finally, don’t forget next Wednesday is multi-skills at Worle School ~ please ensure you have sent back permission slips to the office. Please ensure all children have their named PE kit in school.


Term 2 Week 4

To infinity and beyond! This week our Busy Bees have been to the moon!  They experienced what it might be like to be on the moon by looking at pictures of the earth from the moon, by listening to eerie space music and walking on the crunchy surface of the moon.  Whilst there they enjoyed tasting moon cake which they had made (black, red, blue and green marbled cake, decorated with black icing and white stars). This was designed to help develop their vocabulary and it worked because some of their descriptions were amazing:

‘Wow!  This sounds like fireworks exploding and popping’.

‘It makes me feel shivery and cold ~ I think an alien is coming!’

‘It tastes delicious ~ it gives my tummy a sparkle!’

Going to the moon sparked the children’s interest in gravity and so we spent Thursday exploring forces.  The children were real scientists exploring, predicting and testing a range of exciting experiments and mathematicians who counted back, measured and tallied.  We were so impressed with their problem solving skills and their enthusiasm for learning ~ well done Busy Bees.

As well as going to the moon we had an exciting time when a couple of aliens stopped off in the classroom to ask if we could help by making them some new beds! This was a lesson in measuring and problem solving and luckily for us the children completed the challenges and no one was abducted!

Phonics is going well and children are really enjoying our exciting phonics sessions and it is lovely to hear them reading words and looking for sounds in our classroom.  Thank you all for your support in hearing them read every day.

Finally, please look for our newsletter which outlines a very important learning challenge which will form the basis for next week’s learning!

DSCN5758     DSCN5763 DSCN5784 DSCN5793


Term 2 Week 3

This week the Busy Bees have continued to learn about space. They have been retelling the story ‘Whatever Next’ using a story map and actions and they have started to innovate their stories by thinking of new characters, settings and modes of transport.

We are very excited to see your children starting to read and we would like to say a great big thank you to you all for supporting them with their reading at home.  Please don’t forget if you notice them doing things at home or if they talk about their learning to record it and send it in to share with us.   If you have any time to spare and would like to come in to hear the children reading we would be extremely grateful!

In phonics this week, the children have continued to learn  the Phase 2 phonemes /g/ /o/ /c/ /k/ and sight word ‘I’. Next week the children will be learning the phonemes:

Phonemes                                                  sight word

/ck/ /e/ /u/ /r/                                                go

To support your child’s writing development please say the following rhymes with them:

’around her face, down her hair and give her a curl’

’all around the orange’

’curl round the caterpillar’

’down the kangaroo’s body, tail and leg’

I know perhaps we shouldn’t mention the C word but we have begun to think about Christmas and the Nativity Play which this year is called Mary’s Knitting.  All the children will have a part in the play and soon you will have a note telling you who they will be and what costume you need to supply.  If you have any questions please speak to us as soon as possible as we may be able to help.


Term 2 Week 2

3,2,1, blast off!  This week we have begun a four week learning theme about space.  This will be based around the text ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy.  We began by reading the story and creating a story map which we used in our new amazing role-play area. The children have had enormous fun with a big cardboard box, a colander and a toy owl ~  their story telling has been amazing.

November 11th we did some big thinking!  We thought about war and fighting, we tried to find solutions for world peace and I have to say I think one of the children summed it up perfectly:

‘If we turned angry faces into happy faces there would be no more sad faces’.

To finish our busy week we have explored the Hindu festival of Diwali and compared it to some of our own festivals and traditions.  The children again did some big thinking and found similarities in the stories they have heard :

‘If you are good someone will always rescue you but if you are bad you will be defeated. So always be good.’

This week in phonics we have learnt the sounds ‘d’ as in dog, ‘m’ as in map, ‘n’ as in net, ‘i’ as in ink and our sight word is ‘I’.

Quote of the week: ‘If soldiers have to fight they might get killed and then all their families will have to remember them is a poppy and that will be really sad’.

The children looked brilliant in their outfits today.  Thank you for your contributions to Children in Need.

Have a peaceful weekend

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Term 2 week 1

Welcome back Busy Bees and a really big thank you for all your lovely autumn art work which we have used to inspire us with a whole week’s worth of autumn learning! 
We have used the theme of autumn to explore our school environment looking for signs of autumn and we have used our collections of leaves and sticks to make pictures and models.  The children’s creativity has amazed and inspired us ~ here are just a few of their ideas for what they could do with a stick:

Make an invisibility wand

Make a flower

Make a ladder to the sky

Make a shelter for a hedgehog

Make a house of sticks

Make fairy wings and a wand

Make a tall thing

Make a stick family… the ideas went on and on with one of the children’s wands even turned Mrs Dadds into a princess!

A very big thank you to everyone who came to our ‘phonics evening’ this week.  It is always difficult to set a date that suits everyone and a few parents have asked about a mop up session.  So if you were not able to come last week there will be a session at West Wick on Monday 9th Nov at 3pm in our classroom. 

In phonics this week and the children have learnt the sounds ‘s’ as in sat, ‘a’ as in apple, ‘t’ as in tap, ‘p’ as in pig and just with these four sounds they have been reading and spelling simple words.  If you would like to support your children at home why not make a collection of objects that begin with these sounds and see if they can identify the initial sound of the objects? 

Next week ~  we begin a four week learning theme on space.

DSCN5420[1]  DSCN5446[1]  DSCN5425[1]DSCN5343[1]DSCN5429[1]



Week eight:

Well we have come to the end of Term One and what a fantastic first term we have had.  All the children have settled well and seem to be enjoying school! 

This week we have completed our first learning theme and your children have surprised us with their creativity and enthusiasm for learning ~ what a wonderful class. 

Next term we will begin by having a short focus on autumn before launching into space! During the half term we would like the children to begin to think about next terms learning so if you take them out for a walk please make a collection for our classes exploratory area.  We would also like each child to make their own autumn picture to share with us when they return to school. 

On Tuesday the Busy Bee’s @ West Wick enjoyed playing and learning with the Busy Bee’s from Hewish.  They showed each other their wake up, shake up dances and then shared their stories which they had based on the story of the Three Little Pigs.  They had lots of time to play together in the sunshine and we were all impressed by how they shared their toys and games with each other.  It was wonderful to see the children sharing lunch together and chatting with their new friends. 

A reminder that on Tuesday 3rd November we will be hosting a phonics evening at West Wick from 6-7pm.  We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. 

Have a lovely Half Term everyone ~ stay safe and Keep Learning!


Week seven:

In class this week we have been changing the characters in the story of The Three Little Pigs and the children have been retelling their own versions of the story.  They have really enjoyed this and have been amazingly creative.  For example we have had ‘The Three Little Ninjargo’s and the Big Bad Hulk; The Three Little Dinosaurs and the Big Bad T-Rex and even the Three Little Ants and the Big Bad Anteater!  It has been such a joy to see the children acting out their stories and performing them with such confidence to each other.  Below is a story told orally by one of the children using puppets as props.

‘Once upon a time there were three little kittens who lived with their mummy cat.  Mummy cat told them to go out into the big wide world ‘but beware of the Big Bad Troll’ she told them.  The first little kitten built his house with bricks. Suddenly along came the Big Bad Troll. ‘Little kitten, little kitten let me come in’.  ‘Not by the hair on my chiny , chin, chin’.  ‘Then I’ll stamp and I’ll stamp and I’ll stamp your house down’. And so he did. 

The next little kitten built his house with concrete. Suddenly along came the Big Bad Troll. ‘Little kitten, little kitten let me come in’.  ‘Not by the hair on my chiny , chin, chin’.  ‘Then I’ll stamp and I’ll stamp and I’ll stamp your house down’. And so he did. 

The next little kitten built his house with glass. Suddenly along came the Big Bad Troll. ‘Little kitten, little kitten let me come in’.  ‘Not by the hair on my chiny , chin, chin’.  ‘Then I’ll stamp and I’ll stamp and I’ll stamp your house down’. So he stamped and he stamped and he stamped the house down.  But as he stamped he cut his feet on the glass.  The troll ran home to his mummy crying and the three little kittens lived happily ever after!’   


Also this week the Busy Bee’s joined Year One for Cosmic Yoga.  They had tremendous fun working out while following the story.

Week six:

This week we have continued to immerse the children in the story of the Three Little Pigs and it has been amazing to hear the children acting out the story.  They have drawn pictures of pigs and wolves, made clay houses, sang a three pigs rap and made traps for wolves!

In Maths this week we went on a shape hunt to look for shapes in our school environment.  In PE we have been practising our throwing and catching skills.

Quote of the week: ‘I can see the houses over there.  They have triangle shaped roofs and rectangle walls.  All the houses are different but they all have the same shapes in them’.

Week five:

Full time this week and we have called it ‘superhero week’.  Plasticine was put out as a provocation and one little boy made a Spiderman figure which was shown to the other children as a ‘quality model’.  This started an avalanche of superhero model making and by the end of the week we had the whole of The Marvel Avengers!  These were done with such precision and care we decide to see if we could make a movie with them on the I-pad ~ amazing learning Busy Bees.

This week we have introduced our Talk for Writing text, ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  The children have listened to the story and have started to learn the story sequence by using a story map.  The children really engaged with the story and have been building houses with the real bricks in the Builder’s yard and with straw and sticks (of various shapes and sizes).  The team work and problem solving we have seen our little learners show has been amazing. ‘This straw won’t stand up.  I know if I put these bands around it (loom bands) they will be stronger.  Oh they are still falling down. Let’s put some wood here for the straw to rest on.’ The result a sturdy house of straw!

Quote of the week: ‘it’s magical, really magical.  It’s raining so gently you can’t even see it from inside’.

Week four:

Our first week as a whole class and what an amazing class we are!  The children are now in groups for learning and by Friday we are all in full time!

Daily phonics sessions are now well established and I hope you are starting to hear the children ‘toy talking’ as they learn to hear and say the sounds in words.

In maths they have been counting to 10 and beyond and they have been solving lots of maths problems. The children were really excited to find out that our class dog ‘Peter’ and his wife have had lots and lots of puppies! These puppies needed counting, their food needed weighing out and putting into corresponding bowls.  The children responded to maths questions such as ‘are there enough bowls’?  ‘If they have two bones each how many will we need to count?’  And ‘one puppy has gone to sleep and doesn’t want his dinner how many bones so we need now?’   ~ Fantastic maths Busy Bees.

Finally this week we have started to change for PE! The children managed really well and hopefully everyone went home with the right clothes!

Week three :

This week the children stayed for our beautiful school lunches.  They coped really well and seemed to enjoy sitting and eating with their friends.  In class the children are mastering the daily routines and our Bob the Builder ‘wake up, shake up’ is a real hit! We are also learning more about each other by playing lots of getting to know you games.  It is lovely to see new, hopefully lifelong friendships growing.

Week two:

Welcome Busy Bees!  What a great first week we have had.  The children have really enjoyed exploring their new learning environment and getting to know the teachers and the other children.  They particularly enjoy being in the garden and our Builders role-play area has been a big hit!

Week One: Home Visits

What a privilege it was to meet so many children in their own homes.  Parents had the opportunity to ask questions and tell us those really important little things about their children that make the difference to them settling in and being happy.  Mrs Morris and Ms Frake did some lovely little craft activities with the children and we know from previous years that these are talked about for years to come. We were as excited as the children seemed to be and we look forward to welcoming the children to St Anne’s when they start next week.

The children are now settled and coming into school happily and they all seem to be enjoying learning in their new classroom which is amazing!

One of the most popular things they have been playing with is our outdoor role-play area which is Bob the Builders Construction Yard. In the yard they have been making walls for Humpty Dumpty and houses for the Three Little Pigs all with real (lightweight) bricks a builders tuft spot and sand and water. All while wearing their builder’s hats and high vis jackets!

Other things they have done include playing ‘getting to know you’ games with the parachute,  pretend cooking, play dough cakes and an amazing Bob the Builder dance!