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Rocking Rhinos

“Always walk through life as though you have something to learn and you will.”

Welcome to Rocking Rhinos Class!

Wow! What a fantastic day the Rocking Rhinos had at West Wick. We enjoyed Wake up Shake up with the Busy Bees as well as spending time with the younger children at break and lunch times. The children performed brilliantly to show Busy Bees as well as their parents and Mrs Dadds the fantastic learning they have done over the past two terms.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to support and a big well done to our class! 🙂

Today we were visited by three members of the maths department at Priory Community School who worked with ten children from Year 4 on a volume inpsired challenge. The children loved it. Here are some of their reflections:

Ella: We talked about measurements before we started.

Chloe: Luke had to be the leader of the chocolate factory and we had to make boxes for the chocolates!

Luke: we used sand to measure  but we weren’t always accurate! He put the boxes by the wall and we had to stand by the one we thought would hold the most. I got it right!

Matilda: we had to times three numbers together to work out how much it held.

Ted: we had to try to think about how we could find the volume of a person! We thought the answer was using liquid!

We were all champions because we used a calculator to find the answer!

Welcome back to our last term together as a class. This term we are creating stories about overcoming monsters, applying our maths skills to find out what it means to plan a mission to space and learning about the history of the universe in order to discover whether we really could live on another planet!

The children are busy putting together some fantastic learning which we are eager to share with you all on Friday 3rd July @ West Wick. We will be sharing our performance of understanding at 2 pm in the school hall, after which parents may take their children home.  

We hope you are enjoying half term in the sun.

This is the shared poem Rocking Rhinos class wrote during our poetry week in Term 6 inspired by a music video for Pink Floyd’s ‘Is there anybody out there?’

Is there anybody out there?

It’s dark.

The walls are closing in.

Lights are lurking in the distance; I am frightened by them.

Devilish faces on the walls are staring at me, horror and fear in their eyes.

I am blinded by darkness.


I hear something rattle like air speaking,

I wonder, I ponder and wait.

Is there anybody out there?

It rattles again; I freeze

Hissing fills my ears.


Who am I?

What happened before this?

I bury my head in my hands; I feel nothing.



I feel my way across the dusty, cracked floor as my energy pours away.

I hopelessly seek answers.

My body starts to weaken with every movement.

My fragile fingers shake as they feel the first signs of life.

I cradle it in my palms like a newborn baby.

Is this real?

Is there anybody out there?