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Hewish Busy Bees

 To learn and relearn  with the children is our line of work. We proceed in such a way that the children are not shaped by experience, but are the ones who give shape to it.

(Malaguzzi, 1997:86)

Ahoy shipmates! The Busy Bees have been exploring their new learning them which asks the question.  “Can you be friends with pirate?” We  started our learning after an altercation with a pirate who had stolen our treasure!

After discovering our treasure had been stolen we went to Sand Bay beach to retrieve it.  Enormous fun was had digging up the buried treasure, building dens, writing with charcoal and making pirate traps.

After a fantastic pirate lunch at the Sand Bay  Tea Rooms we were confronted by a very scary looking pirate.  However, after telling us his sorry story and challenging us to design and make a boat that floats he returned to ‘the fair city of Brizel’ .

Now let the learning begin!


Ahoy Shipmates! The Busy Bees’ learning theme  ‘can you be friends with a pirate?’ has come to an end and the resounding answer to the question has been ‘YES’!  The Busy Bees became firm friends with Captain Whitebeard and had a lovely day on Tuesday sailing with him on the Matthew!  The children were impeccably behaved and great ambassadors for St. Anne’s! The crew of the Matthew were very impressed with how much the children knew about ships and all the staff felt incredibly proud of them.

It is nearly time for me to wish my lovely class good bye and good luck as they prepare to continue their learning journey in Year One.

Busy Bees, it has been an absolute pleasure to teach you this year! I have been so impressed by your enthusiasm for learning and you should be extremely proud of all that you have achieved. I will miss you all. However, I know you are going to really enjoy learning in your new class.